Sex After Delivery – When Is It Safe & How to Spruce It Up

SEX AFTER DELIVERY – Is It Safe? It’s not safe to have sex immediately after childbirth as it may cause infections or hemorrhage. During this time, the wound caused by the coming out of the placenta is still healing and bleeding will also occur. Sex after delivery should be delayed for weeks, or even months. […]

what every woman loves during pregnancy

What Every Woman Loves During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a number of challenges but it also brings a number of special moments and emotions that make you over look the challenges. Below are some of the the awesome moments during pregnancy – what every woman loves during pregnancy: Attention Women generally love attention and they get to experience it throughout pregnancy. In […]

Nine Months Movie Review

Nine Months Movie Review

Nine Months – The Movie: A Perfect Depiction of the Nine Months of Pregnancy Pregnancy at times comes with a few challenges, and especially so for for couples who had not planned on having a child. If you are in such a situation, you can easily relate to the movie Nine Months. Nine Months is […]