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About AmPregnant.comAre you wondering whether you are pregnant? Are you planning on becoming pregnant? Are you going through some very embarrassing moments in your pregnancy and think they are unique to you? Believe me, there are plenty of other pregnant moms out there going through similar experiences like you are.

AmPregnant.com is a platform where pregnant moms share experiences, joys, pains, embarrassments, weird happenings and everything in between during these awesome 9 months. We break down the pregnancy period month by month and share what you should expect within each of these nine months in detail. While at it, we also share informative tips, processes that are going on within your body, and that of the baby in your womb at this time, as well as get experts to demystify different happenings that we can’t seem to understand.

You also get a chance to ask your questions about pregnancy so that they are answered by other moms, medical professionals or other experienced experts in the area your question lies on. Simply put, AmPregnant.com is your hub for all information and interaction on pregnancy.

We also explore the period just before getting pregnant; how should you feed, exercise and live in order to increase your chances of getting a healthy pregnancy? How do you increase your chances of becoming pregnant? When are the best times in your monthly cycle to optimize chances of getting pregnant after sex? Which medical tests should you go for prior to becoming pregnant?

Besides looking at the pregnant mom, we will also investigate the man in your life at this time of your life; what are his thoughts when you tell him you are pregnant with his child? What emotions are going through his mind? How does he take this news? What goes on in his life over the 9 months and after delivery? Does he look at you the same way he used to before you got pregnant? I know this will be interesting for all of us. Let’s learn how to make our men happy and comfortable even when we are in this time of our life.

On top of all this, we will also look at health issues that may need to be addressed during pregnancy, foods to eat, what to avoid, the clothes to wear to look gorgeous while pregnant, how to prepare for your upcoming baby, how to enjoy sex during pregnancy and beyond, the exercises you need for a stress free pregnancy and simply, how to maximize the fun in your life during this period of pregnancy.

There are so many questions on this page. Let’s get the answers to them all together. I invite you to walk with AmPregnant.com and let’s make being pregnant a fun ride together.

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