pregnancy disorders

8 Pregnancy Disorders To Watch Out For

Pregnancy disorders or complications are health problems that are caused by pregnancy. There are pregnancy complications which are experienced by pregnant women but do not pose any threats to the baby. There are also pregnancy disorders that occur in the womb thus causing health problems in a child after birth. While there are other disorders […]

A Happy Event Movie Review

[Movie Review] A Happy Event

The movie A Happy Event is one awesome one for pregnant moms. If you and your partner have been struggling to have a child, A Happy Event is best movie for you. The movie shows the different challenges pregnancy brings to both partners and those around them. The movie further shows the struggles a woman […]

breast engorgement

Breast Engorgement

What is Breast Engorgement? Breast engorgement means that your breasts will become painful due to a large amount of milk in them. It occurs when a mother’s breasts produce more milk than that which the baby uses. The breasts become swollen and full. This makes it uncomfortable to breastfeed. It is normal for your breasts […]