breast engorgement

Breast Engorgement

What is Breast Engorgement? Breast engorgement means that your breasts will become painful due to a large amount of milk in them. It occurs when a mother’s breasts produce more milk than that which the baby uses. The breasts become swollen and full. This makes it uncomfortable to breastfeed. It is normal for your breasts […]

Perineum Soreness

Perineum Soreness after Childbirth

Perineum soreness after child birth comes as a shock to many women. After nine months of pregnancy, you probably thought that the hardest part was to deliver the baby, right? This may not be 100% true since you will have to heal your wound and experience soreness around your perineum and rectum for up to […]

Sex After Delivery – When Is It Safe & How to Spruce It Up

SEX AFTER DELIVERY – Is It Safe? It’s not safe to have sex immediately after childbirth as it may cause infections or hemorrhage. During this time, the wound caused by the coming out of the placenta is still healing and bleeding will also occur. Sex after delivery should be delayed for weeks, or even months. […]