Drugs to Avoid During Pregnancy

You at times may feel under the weather and you don’t know which drugs to avoid during pregnancy. Most medications are not safe during pregnancy and some may increase the risk of losing your baby. As soon as you realize that you are pregnant, you should confirm with your doctor which drugs are safe for you and how to take them. Your doctor will also tell you alternative natural remedies that can help you during pregnancy. If you get new prescriptions, make sure the one giving you the prescriptions knows that you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, you will be required to take various supplements that help you and your baby. There is no known medication that is 100% safe when you are pregnant but some drugs that seem harmless before pregnancy are harmful and can lead to a miscarriage.

Over the counter drugs to avoid

Aspirin in low doses is recommended to women may face pregnancy lose, preeclampsia and clotting disorders. Use of aspirin for long periods of time and in high dosage during pregnancy can lead to bleeding in the brain of a baby.

Ibuprofen is not safe during the first thirty weeks of pregnancy. Unless your doctor prescribes it for you, ibuprofen can increase the risks of having a miscarriage.

Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, chocolates, flu remedies, soft drinks and energy drinks. You do not have to stop taking caffeine completely but you can limit its intake since it can cause low birth weight in babies.

Castor oil for centuries has been used by midwives to induce labor. Recent research has shown that the use of castor oil can cause dehydration in a pregnant mom. Dehydration causes weakness after childbirth. This prevents a mother from taking good care of her baby and also slows down postpartum recovery.

Well, this list is way below being comprehensive. Always ensure that you alert your doctor that you are pregnant whenever you are getting a prescription. This will help keep you and your baby in the best health conditions.

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toxins to avoid during pregnancy
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