The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

 What Happens During the Fifth Month of Pregnancy?

Fifth Month of PregnancyDuring your fifth month of pregnancy, your baby will become more active. You will be halfway through your second trimester. You will experience achy feet, fatigue, increased appetite, heartburn and breathlessness. Your heart rate will increase so as to provide more blood to meet the oxygen needs of your baby. Your chest will expand as your breasts continue to enlarge. You will experience fatigue, backache and leg cramps.

During week seventeen of pregnancy, your baby will have doubled in weight. Fat will begin to form and it will help your baby in production of heat and metabolism. Hair on the eyebrows and the head is filling in. your baby’s unique fingerprints will be fully formed. The lungs will begin to exhale amniotic fluid and the urinary and circulatory systems are working. Your belly will show more as your weight will also increase. Your appetite will also increase but if you lack appetite, eat small portions of food often. To avoid feeling tired and dizzy, change your sleeping and sitting positions slowly. If you are feeling lightheaded, slowly sit down or lie down for a few minutes.

During week eighteen of pregnancy, your baby is growing rapidly and the reflexes are also kicking in. His or her taste buds can distinguish bitter from sweet. The baby can now stretch, yawn and make facial expressions. It will at times suck its thumb and can even swallow amniotic fluid. The retinas are now sensitive to light and if bright light is shined on your belly, the baby will try and shield his or her eyes. By now you can feel the baby moving and your heart is working 50% harder so as to support your pregnancy. You doctor will perform a mid pregnancy ultrasound to assess the baby’s growth.

During week nineteen of pregnancy, the baby’s skin is developing. It will appear red due to blood vessels which are visible through it. A protective waxy coating called vernix caseosa will begin to form on the skin. This coating is thick and white in colour and it is shed just before or after birth. It keeps the baby warm and prevents your baby’s skin from appearing wrinkled. Take walks and drink plenty of water during this time to help reduce leg cramps. You will experience dizziness, heartburn, backache and constipation. Try to avoid involving yourself in tedious activities. If you can’t sleep at night try and take naps during the day.

During week twenty of pregnancy, your baby will be able to hear sounds. If you make a loud sound , the baby will cover its ears and make small movements. Your uterus will be even with your navel. Your breathing will deepen and you will be prone to bladder infections. Watch your posture to avoid having a backache. Avoid standing for a long period of time and sleep with a pillow under your waist. When you lift things, lift them with your legs instead of your back.

During the fifth month of pregnancy, you will feel the baby making small movements called quickening. These movements are as a result of your baby stretching his or her muscles. You should have a balanced diet and take walks. Stretch marks may begin to form on your belly. To help reduce them, apply a good moisturizer. This is also a good time to buy toys and clothes for your baby. If you have designs in mind for your baby’s nursery, this is a nice time to begin implementing them. If you experience bleeding or you can’t feel your baby making movements, you can visit the doctor to be on the safe side. At the end of the fifth month of pregnancy, you will be halfway through your pregnancy.

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