The Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Fourth Month of Pregnancy

The fourth month of pregnancy begins your second trimester. During this month, most of the nausea, morning sickness and lack of appetite will have eased. Your belly will begin to show and your weight will also increase. By the end of this month, your baby will be fully formed. Your diet should be balanced and you should also take lots of water. You may experience fatigue during this time.

During the thirteenth week of pregnancy, your baby will be growing very quickly. The ankles and wrists will have formed while the eyes are moving into position. The head will still be large but the rest of the body is catching up. The lungs start taking a few breaths. They get oxygen from the blood. Your uterus is growing fast and upward into your abdomen. Do not squeeze yourself into tight clothing. Consider buying new loose clothing. You should tell your partner to go with you to a check-up. They will enjoy listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

During the fourteenth week of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes are shifting to the sides of the head. The neck will grow longer and the chin will be more prominent. The baby will begin to respond to outside stimuli. Your skin and muscles will begin to stretch and your hair may feel dry. To avoid having stretch marks and dry skin, buy a good moisturizing lotion and apply it all over your body.  Most women recommend palmers or pure olive oil. If you notice constipation, eat food rich in fiber, drink water, eat vegetables and eat lots of fruits.

During the fifteenth week of pregnancy your baby is covered by hair which is shed at birth the hair help to keep the baby warm. The eyebrows will begin to grow and the bones will be growing stronger. The baby might not taste anything but the taste buds are forming. You can now feel you baby making small movements. Your doctor will perform tests in order to check for any chromosomal and genetic disorders. This is the best time to also start bonding with your baby. You can read out loud, sing and listen to music. It helps you prepare for when the baby is born. For you to have a comfortable nap, buy pregnancy pillows and sleep on your left side more often in order to have a better circulation.

During the sixteenth week of pregnancy your baby’s hair will be growing at the back of the head. The nervous system will be working and if you poke your belly, you will feel the baby moving. By the end of the week you will feel the movements often. Your blood volume will increase and it may cause you to experience nosebleeds. If the nosebleeds persist, visit the doctor. The feeling of urinating often will diminish with time. If the veins on your legs bulge, you can wear support stockings. You should also exercise your feet by taking walks.

By now the baby is fully formed and its fingers, eyebrows, eyelids hair and nails are formed. The baby is about five to six inches long. He or she might even yawn, make faces, suck his or her thumb and stretch. The reproductive organs and genitals have now fully formed and you might know the sex of your baby depending on its position. Your diet must have fiber and calcium. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. It would be great for you to go for a holiday with your partner. You can start buying cloths for your baby after the fourth month of pregnancy.

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