Nine Months Movie Review

Nine Months – The Movie: A Perfect Depiction of the Nine Months of Pregnancy

Nine Months Movie Review

Pregnancy at times comes with a few challenges, and especially so for for couples who had not planned on having a child. If you are in such a situation, you can easily relate to the movie Nine Months. Nine Months is a comedy film which tries to tackle challenges faced by couples during their first pregnancy. It also talks about some of the symptoms experienced during pregnancy

Insecurity is a major challenge faced during pregnancy. Not every partner will receive the news about pregnancy calmly. Some might even deny it. This is where most women seek pregnancy termination. Samuel who in this film is the father to be, is not excited about the pregnancy. The fear of being a father and being committed to one woman overpowers him. like most men he is afraid of losing his youth to marriage and fatherhood.He goes through a hard time trying to keep to his playboy ways and being with the woman he loves.His girlfriend Rebecca can not understand his insecurities and at one point decided to leave him.

Fights and disagreements are also challenges faced during pregnancy.Constant misunderstanding may occur especially if the two of you decide to start living together. This helps the two of you to know each other better and at the same time create a new environment for your child. Wrong advice from friends can at times worsen the situation.It’s recommended to ask for advice from parents or older successful couples. In the film we find Samuel’s fear being ignited by the advice he gets from his friends. wrong advice creates confusion which pulls partners apart.

You can watch the trailer of the movie Nine Months below or get the movie on Amazon here… or watch the full movie on IMDB here

This is an awesome watch for any expectant couple. Share your thoughts about this movie by sending in your comments below. Also share this article with your pregnant mom friends on social media.


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