Nipple Pain after Childbirth

Nipple pain after child birth is common for the first 2 or 3 days. If it proceeds, you should contact your doctor. After childbirth, moms experience nipple pain for all sorts of reasons.

The main reason as to why you may experience nipple pain is when your milk ejection reflex is set off by a hormone called oxytocin. It stimulates the muscles in your breasts to squeeze out milk. Oxytocin is produced during the first few days after your child is born.

You can at times feel your breasts leaking when this hormone is released. When the muscles in the breasts squeeze out milk, most women will experience an immense pressure and discomfort around the nipple. They can also feel slight pain or ache in the breasts.

New moms experience nipple pain since it’s the first time their breasts are producing milk. It can also happen if your breasts are not producing enough milk for your child. Ineffective latch will lead to sore nipples and discomfort. Breast engorgement can also lead to pain in the nipples. Breast engorgement is when your breasts produce more milk that that which your baby feeds. A feeling of fullness is felt around the breasts. Your breasts will also feel lumpy and hard to the touch. This only happens during the first few days after child birth as your breasts are being prepared for milk production.


Mastitis can also cause nipple pain. Mastitis is when a part of your breast becomes inflamed due to over production of milk. Your breast becomes tender and red. It can also feel overly warm. If you notice this around your breast, consult your doctor.

To ease nipple pain or soreness, you can deep a cotton cloth in cold water and then place it on the nipple, it helps ease the pain. If your experiencing breast engorgement, feeding the baby every two hours. Nipple pain after childbirth is not normal if it is accompanied by pus.

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