Postpartum Periods or Lochia

What is Lochia?

Postpartum PeriodsPostpartum Periods which s simply vaginal discharge after giving birth is known as Lochia. It is made up of uterine tissue, mucus and blood. It continues for up to one or two months after childbirth. It is thick during the first 3 to 7 days and will continue to be discolored and light as time goes by. It progresses through 3 main stages, Lochia rubra, Lochia serosa and Lochia Alba.

Lochia rubra (also known as Cruenta) is the first stage. It is composed of pieces of fetal membranes, lanugo, blood, decidua and vernix caseosa. It is red in color since it has large amounts of blood. It lasts for 3 to 7 days.

Lochia serosa is the second stage. It is brown or pinkish in color. It contains leukocytes, cervical mucus and microorganisms. It proceeds for up to ten days but if it takes several weeks, you might be experiencing late postpartum hemorrhaging and should visit a doctor for assistance.

Lochia alba (also known as purulenta) is light yellow or whitish in color. It lasts from the third to the six month after childbirth. It is made up of leukocytes, few red blood cells, epithelial cells, mucus, cholesterol and fat.

Lochia, or Postpartum Periods, in general has an odor similar to menstrual fluid. Any other offensive odor or change in color should be reported to a doctor or your care giver.


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