The Second Month of Pregnancy

What Happens During the Second Month of Pregnancy?

Second Month of PregnancyUnlike the first month of pregnancy, where you did not have many pregnancy symptoms, during the second month of pregnancy you will start noticing some strange changes in your body. Most women will come to realize that they are pregnant during the second month. By now, you will have missed your menstrual periods and the thought of doing a test will cross your mind. You will have the same symptoms you had during the first month such as morning sickness, fatigue, lack of sleep and weird cravings. Your breasts will be firmer and you might experience a tingling sensation. Hygiene should be given a top priority and you should eat a well balanced diet.

During the fifth week of pregnancy, the fetus will be 4 to 6mm long. Major organs such as heart, brain, kidney, liver and brain will start to develop. The fetus head will grow more rapidly than the rest of the body due to the growth of the brain. This is because the brain has an important role of regulating the functions of other vital organs. The mum will start experiencing nausea and heightened sense of smell. She should have lots of rest and increase intake of water.

During the sixth week of pregnancy, the fetus will be about 8mm long. The limbs will be moving and the heart will start beating rapidly. Your baby will bend over itself and the trunk and neck will straighten. Before the end of the week, your morning sickness and nausea will be obvious. At this time you should increase your intake of fruits, eat frequently and avoid fatty food. Exercise should also be done but carefully. If you experience spotting, contact your doctor to avoid having a miscarriage.

During the seventh week, your baby will be 13mm long and he or she will be moving but you might not feel it. The kidneys will be in their position while the eyes will be the most obvious structure on the head. Before the end of the week, the genitalia will be formed but can only be recognizable on ultrasound during the 4th month of pregnancy. You will tend to urinate more because the blood flow to the kidneys will be affected and your uterus will be compressing your bladder. Your hormones will also be all over the place and it will cause you to be more moody. This will go on throughout the first trimester.

During the eighth week of pregnancy, your baby will be around 16mm long. The ears and eyelid folds are forming. Your baby will develop webbed toes and fingers which will allow him or her to swim in your womb. At this stage, your blood volume is increasing and your heart is pumping blood 50% more per minute for the baby. During this week you should were a supportive bra and do exercises to strengthen your chest.

By the end of the second month of pregnancy, your baby’s ears will begin to form at the sides of the head. If you go for a pregnancy test, the doctor will by now confirm that you are pregnant. He or she will request you to go for checkups throughout your pregnancy. It is important to eat a well balanced diet and to increase the intake of water and fruits during this month. If you experience back pain, bleeding or headaches, it is important that you do not take drugs that have not been prescribed by your doctor. Most mums are at a risk of having a miscarriage during the second month of pregnancy and thus they should avoid taking alcohol and other substances that can harm the baby.

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