Sex After Delivery – When Is It Safe & How to Spruce It Up


Sex After Delivery

It’s not safe to have sex immediately after childbirth as it may cause infections or hemorrhage. During this time, the wound caused by the coming out of the placenta is still healing and bleeding will also occur. Sex after delivery should be delayed for weeks, or even months.

If you had a normal delivery, your doctor might advice you to wait for the bleeding to stop. This may take at least three to six weeks. If you had a c-section your doctor might tell you to wait until after your postnatal check. This, again, will be in about six weeks after the delivery. Even after the bleeding has stopped, most women will still feel a discomfort or pain during sex, while others might be overwhelmed by the transition into motherhood.

When to resume sex after delivery

Every new mum is different but for most mums resuming sex after delivery can be a long and difficult process. After birth, a woman will undergo both emotional and physical challenges. The feeling of being tired all the time, rapid weight gain and breast enlargement might case a woman to feel less attractive thus casing low libido. These emotions might take up to a year. It’s advisable to seek counseling from a health practitioner who will help you understand these sudden emotional changes. Don’t worry about your partner seeing you as less attractive. Talk to your partner and let them understand what you might be going through. Communication and openness after childbirth will not only make the bond between partners stronger, and the same with their child, but it will also help a new mum feel that she is not going through this alone.

For single mums, sex after delivery might take a longer time. The feeling of having someone new might overwhelm you. Some single mums have taken up to two years, so the secret is to have lots of patience and try to talk to a close relative. You can also join a support group so as to overcome the feeling of being alone. In case you notice bleeding, pain or discomfort after your first sexual encounter, visit your doctor. Lots of rest, positive thinking and eating a balanced diet will also help.

Having another pregnancy immediately after resuming sex from childbirth can be dangerous to your body. Remember you body is still healing and having to take care of a newborn can be exhausting and damaging to the body. Visit your doctor as soon as you resume sex after delivery and they will recommend the best method of contraception.

How to improve sex after deliver

Once you resume sex after childbirth, taking care of your body is crucial. Most men will not care about how you look; they will even feel that you are prettier than before. Women will feel insecure about their new weight and enlarged belly. To overcome these insecurities, go to the store and buy yourself some new cloths, visit the spa for a full body massage, get a new hairstyle or haircut, have a manicure and the feeling of being sexy will slowly crawl in. If you had been going to the gym while pregnant and had a normal delivery, you can start taking light exercises. You can start by taking walks, push-ups and stretching.

If you had a c-section, talk to your doctor before trying any form of exercises. Let him or her tell you when it’s best to begin exercising and what to begin with. However, walking for a few meters can be a good start. Exercise is good for your body but be careful not to overdo it. Take things easy and remember that it takes time. Add new and fun activities for you, your partner and your child.

Useful Sex After Delivery Resources:

To avoid another immediate pregnancy after giving birth, apply the most ideal family planning / contraception method for you. Learn more about contraception here. Remember to talk to your doctor for advice.


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