The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

What Happens During the Sixth Month of Pregnancy

what every woman loves during pregnancyDuring the sixth month of pregnancy, your belly will become well rounded and you may experience back pain if you lift heavy items. You will need to eat food rich in iron to avoid having anemia. Due to the movements made by the baby, you will feel your uterus tightening. The skin around your belly may feel dry and itchy due to the stretching. This may result in the formation of stretch marks.  Visit your doctor during this month.

During week 21 of pregnancy, the fat on your baby’s skin will continue to increase. The rate of growth is slowing down but the organs are still maturing. Buts for teeth begin to form. By now you have probably gained 10 to 14 pounds. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to avoid fainting. If you experience swelling around your ankles and feet, buy a pregnancy pillow to provide extra support while you are sleeping. You can also buy flat shoes. Avoid being stressed and do not give in to the weird unhealthy cravings such as beer, ashes, cigarettes and charcoal.

During week 22 of pregnancy, the baby’s muscles are growing stronger. You will often feel excited and your appetite will increase. The baby will move a lot and will also respond to sound. You can sing or read out loud for your baby. You will still experience back pain, leg cramps and swelling around your feet. If you would like to go to childbirth classes, this would be a great time to begin them. To reduce cramping, eat food rich in potassium and calcium. You can also exercise but carefully.

During week 23 of pregnancy, your baby’s skin will still be wrinkled. The lanugo on the skin of your baby will at times turn darker. By now you have probably gained 15 pounds. If you experience vaginal itching, visit your doctor to check if you have an infection. If you have backache, you can go for a massage or place a hot water bottle on your back. Your skin might feel itchy and dry as your skin stretches. A good skin lotion will help you curb this feeling and keep your skin moist and soft. Eating fruits and drinking plenty of water will also help you avoid itchy and dry skin.

During week 24 of pregnancy, your baby’s body will begin to make white blood cells. They help in preventing infection and disease. He or she will respond to touch and sound. If you poke your belly, you will feel the bay making movements. If you have not felt your baby hiccup, you might feel it now. You should also expect to gain about one pound this week. Your doctor will test you for gestational diabetes between now and next week. If someone puts their ear on your abdomen, he or she might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

By the end of the sixth month of pregnancy, you baby’s toe and finger prints will be visible. The eyelids will begin to part. You will be at the end of your second trimester. If you have a nagging pain in the back or you feel a heavy pressure in the lower pelvis, you should consult your doctor. Avoid body positions which put a lot of pressure on your legs. Raise your legs while sleeping on the bed and try to massage your feet. It helps reduce the pain and swelling on your ankles. Sleep at least 8 hours per day walk often. At the end of your sixth month of pregnancy you request your doctor for a second trimester ultrasound.

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