Swelling on Feet, Hands and Face after Childbirth

What causes swelling on feet, hands and face after childbirth?

Swollen feet during pregnancy
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Swelling on feet during pregnancy is normal, and so is swelling on your hands and face. After childbirth, most moms think that the hardest part is over only to go through some pretty tough experiences. Postpartum swelling can be painful and uncomfortable. Women, who may have not experienced swelling during pregnancy, may find themselves swollen on the feet and hands after childbirth.

Swelling can be caused by changes that occur during pregnancy and after the process of delivery. A woman’s body produces a higher than normal amount of hormones during pregnancy. Progesterone is one of the hormones produced in large amounts during pregnancy. Progesterone causes the body to retain water and sodium. During pregnancy, as the uterus expands it presses against the veins in the legs and restricts the flow of blood to the legs and feet. This leads to the build-up of fluids in the lower body parts. All this build-up may cause swelling as soon as your child is born. During a vaginal birth, the process of pushing the baby can also cause swelling. New moms can expect swelling during and after pregnancy as their bodies try to adjust after delivery.

Swelling reduces gradually with time but there are a few ways you can reduce it naturally. Elevating your feet as you sleep will help reduce swelling on the feet. Placing a warm compress on your face and hands will also help reduce the swelling. You can also massage the swollen area gently. Swelling on feet, hands and face after childbirth is normal but if it proceeds two weeks after delivery, you should consider consulting a doctor.

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