The Eighth Month of Pregnancy

The Eighth Month of Pregnancy – Ready, Get Set…

During the eighth month of pregnancy, you are now in your third trimester of pregnancy.  You will experience most of the symptoms you had during the seventh month such as leg cramps and swelling around the ankles. You will feel a greater need to rest during the day and you might lack sleep at night. Lack of sleep and tiredness causes night-walking during the eighth month of pregnancy. If you still have heartburn, trying sleeping with several pillows supporting your belly.

At thirty weeks, your baby is growing smarter and his or her brain is growing at a quick pace. The lanugo will begin to disappear as the fat cells are regulating the body temperature. The bone marrow will completely take over the making of red blood cells. This is very important since it means that the baby can survive outside the womb on his or her own. You will continue to experience heartburn and your breasts will feel tender. You will also have mood swings and could be feeling eager to meet your baby. This will be a good time to get details about your maternity leave if you are still at work.

During week thirty one of pregnancy, your blood volume will have increased by 50% since you got pregnant. Your uterus will be pushing up and this may cause shortness of breath and discomfort while sleeping. From head to toe, your baby is about 19 inches long. He or she will fill up most of the space in the uterus. Your breasts will begin to leak a yellowish fluid called colostrum. You will still experience backache and leg cramps. Take brisk walks, eat food rich in fiber and drink plenty of water to help ease leg cramps. Elevate your feet when sitting and wear a support belt or stockings.

The Eighth Month of Pregnancy

During week thirty two of pregnancy, your baby will begin to gain weight. For the next remaining weeks, your baby will gain more than half its weight and will make less movement.  The baby will curl up and bend the knees due to lack of space in the uterus. By now you will have probably gained 28 pounds. Foot massage will help relax your feet during this time. If you plan on breastfeeding, it would be a good time to talk to a lactation expert or friends who have breastfed and have them share with you their experiences.

During week thirty three of pregnancy, your baby’s hearing will have developed enough and he or she can hear you. If you have backache, the doctor will talk you through pain relief and exercise options. The doctor will also take you through what happens during labor and the early signs of a premature birth. If you haven’t decided on a name for your baby this is a good time to find the perfect name for your child.  Get some Baby Name Ideas Here.

During week thirty four of pregnancy, your baby will be gaining weight rapidly. His or her brain will also be developing rapidly. The lungs will have developed but they are still weak and will continue to develop over the next few weeks. You might have to visit your doctor every week from now on. Your diet should be balanced and you should take lots of fluids. If you haven’t completed organizing items in your baby’s nursery, try and complete before the end of your eighth month of pregnancy.  



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