The Ninth Month of Pregnancy

The 9th Month of Pregnancy – Finish Line

The Ninth Month of PregnancyFor most women the ninth month of pregnancy is the last month of pregnancy. During this month, the baby’s weight will increase and it might cause you to experience more backache and swelling around the ankles. You may feel uncomfortable as the baby drops down in your pelvis. During this month, you should rest often and avoid stressful situations.

During week thirty five of pregnancy, your baby’s lungs will be fully developed. Fat deposits will continue to build under your baby’s skin so as to keep him or her warm after birth. Your uterus will be about six inches above the navel and you will have gained about 30 pounds. It’s alright if you feel anxious and moody from time to time. Your breasts will feel tender and will continue to leak colostrum. The doctor will test you for Group B streptococcus.

During week thirty six of pregnancy, your baby will weigh about six pounds. He or she will begin to assume the head down position so as to prepare for birth. The brain will continue to develop rapidly and the baby will begin to practice how to blink. Over the last few weeks, your uterus has grown bigger and you might feel discomfort below your ribs. You might also experience heaviness in your pelvis and buttocks. At times you will have an outburst of energy or fatigue. You should start preparing the items you will need once you are in the hospital after birth.

During week thirty seven of pregnancy, your baby will be about 21 inches tall. He or she will be getting rounder by the day. The skin will become pinkish and lose its wrinkled appearance. The baby’s head will be positioned down by now. You will gain extra weight and your doctor will perform a pelvic exam to check on the pregnancy. If you give birth now, consider having two bags at the hospital. One bag should contain your items and the other the baby’s items.

During week thirty eight of pregnancy, the whitish coating on your baby’s skin will disappear. The baby’s body will get its antibodies from you which will protect against illness. The growth will slow down but the fat under the baby’s skin will get plumper. You might not get any bigger but you will continue to experience discomfort. Make sure nothing is missing in the bag you packed for your baby since your due date is around the corner. Try and sleep often and eat a balanced diet.

During week thirty nine of pregnancy, the baby’s head will have come into the pelvis. The arms and leg muscles will be strong. You will feel heavy and uncomfortable since your uterus has been filled. You should watch out for the early signs of labor. You should also be able to differentiate between real labor and false labor. False labor pains begin from the lower abdomen while real labor pains begin from the lower back and become stronger with time.

During week forty of pregnancy, the lanugo will fall out almost completely. The skin will not look as wrinkled as before. The baby has now fully developed and birth should happen any time from now. You will still feel the baby making movements as he or she drops down in your pelvis. Do not be worried if the due date does not happen during this week. Some women give birth a few days after the predicted date. Try to rest often during the ninth month of pregnancy and support your legs with a pillow while sleeping.



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