The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

What Happens During the Seventh Month of Pregnancy?

The Seventh Month of PregnancyThe 7th month of pregnancy welcomes you to the third trimester of pregnancy. During the third trimester of pregnancy, your back will ache more than before. You will experience mood swings and an increased appetite. The baby will make more movements. If you do not feel the baby kicking for an hour, it’s recommended that you visit your doctor so that he or she can check if the baby is alright.

During week twenty five of pregnancy, your baby’s skin will begin to become opaque. His or her body will still be covered with folds. If someone puts his or her ear on your belly, he or she can hear your baby’s heartbeat. You can also hear the baby hiccupping. Your uterus will grow upward and will be getting bigger on the sides of your abdomen. To reduce swelling around your ankles, you should take brisk walks and support your feet with a pillow as you sleep.

During week twenty six of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes which had been shut begin to blink on their own. Fat will begin to build slowly under the skin and the circulatory system will be fully functional. The umbilical cord will begin to grow thicker so as to provide the baby with essential nutrients. You will experience cramps and will also feel like going to the restroom often. You might also feel slight pain while urinating. As the baby stretches and kicks inside the uterus, you may feel pain under the ribs. At this point you should have gained 20-23 pounds. Your doctor may screen you for anemia during this week.

During week twenty seven of pregnancy, the baby’s brain will be more active due to brain tissue development. The lungs and nervous systems will continue to mature. During this time you should keep track of your baby’s movements. If you feel less than ten movements per hour, you should contact your doctor. The doctor will test you for gestational diabetes. You may feel exhausted and experience heartburn. Try to lie down when you feel nauseous and have a balanced diet. This week will bring an end to your second trimester. There is also a good chance of the baby surviving outside the womb if you gave birth during this time. Taking long walks and drinking lots of water will help you curb leg cramps.

Week twenty eight of pregnancy welcomes you to the third and final trimester of pregnancy. Your baby will be weighing around four pounds. You may notice from an ultrasound that your baby is growing plump. This is because of the fat that is building under the skin. You will feel the kicks and punches more often. Due to all the pressure applied to the colon, you will experience constipation. Drink lots of water and eat food rich in fiber to help ease constipation. Visit your doctor during this week for a checkup.

During the twenty ninth week of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes will be able to differentiate between artificial light and sunlight. The eyes are blue in color. The baby will not kick and punch as much as before but will still be doing some stretching. By now you have probably gained 18-25 pounds. By now you should be finalizing details like buying cloths for your baby, arranging items and furniture in the nursery and stocking your baby’s essentials. Eat regularly to avoid headaches and dizziness. If your belly feels itchy, apply a moisturizing lotion and drink plenty of water.

By the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes will be able to blink. The amniotic fluid will begin to diminish. The baby responds to stimuli and it makes this is a good time to bond with your child. You can sing or read out loud for your child. Slowly begin to buy cloths and other items for your baby. If you experience severe vomiting or bleeding, contact your doctor.



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