What Every Woman Hates During Pregnancy

what every woman hates during pregnancyA pregnancy can be the most beautiful experience a woman can go through; However, there are a few things every woman hates during pregnancy. A woman will go through physical and emotional challenges that can make the entire ordeal quite unpleasant. Let’s examine some of the challenges during pregnancy; what every woman hates during pregnancy:

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a nauseous feeling that is at times accompanied by vomiting. Morning sickness starts around the first trimester of pregnancy. For most pregnancies, morning sickness is the major warning sign that one is pregnant. It’s accompanied by lack of appetite. Some women go through this for the first three to five months while others will go through it throughout the entire pregnancy.

Weight gain

For many women, especially those who dislike pregnancy, Gestation can do a lot on your good body image. Pregnant bodies come in all form and what is normal for one person may not be normal for another. Remember that pregnancy takes only nine months and after that you will have all the time to regain your ideal weight .Starving yourself will be harmful for you and your baby. Try and think of the good things your body is doing for your child to be healthy and strong.

Not being able to take alcohol

After a long stressful day, most people look forward to having an alcoholic drink. Taking alcohol during pregnancy makes your baby more likely to have birth defects o you might have a premature birth. Women, who had been drinking or smoking, hate the fact that while pregnant they can’t smoke or drink. While attending events they have to try and keep away from the alcohol or bear with everyone reminding them that they can’t have it.


The feeling of being tired happens throughout pregnancy. Some women will feel tired even after long hours of sleep while others will lack sleep. Some will also experience back pain. The secret is to have lots of rest, eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water.


Every woman hates being afraid during her pregnancy. Fear causes discomfort and anxiety. During the first trimester, every woman will fear having a miscarriage or doing something that may harm her child. During the second trimester the fear of being a good mother and having to care for a child will creep in. During this time she might also fear having a child with a disorder and the special care the child will need. Around the third trimester, a woman will tend to be more conscious of her baby’s movement in her womb and if she doesn’t feel any movement having labor pains for a while, she might panic and fear having a still birth.

Feeling like lonely

Women often feel lonely during pregnancy. They feel like they have to go through the process by themselves. Constant fights and misunderstanding with your partner while you’re pregnant may cause you to feel like you are facing all the challenges brought about by pregnancy all by yourself. You will need to talk to your partner about your feelings or seek counseling.


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